Piggynap’s Astro Roundup

February 9th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

– A star 20 times the size of our sun is speeding through space, creating an enormous bow-wave of dust and gas. (NASA)

– Chris Kotsiopoulos did a supercool 24-hour exposure of the sky in Athens, creating a picture straight from Le Petit Prince.

– Did you know that Fred Hoyle, Yorkshire astronomer, wrote science fiction? Well, he did, and it sounds totally awesome:

“…the bulk of the novel owes more to the thriller style of the John Buchan tradition, as the Cambridge hero battles across wild Irish landscapes fighting a series of murderous thugs and secret policemen.” (Ossian’s Ride)

You can download a supercool book about Fred Hoyle for free. Called Fred Hoyle’s Universe, it has lots of papers about the man himself and his contribution to astrophysics, astronomy, culture and humanity. Pretty cool huh?

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