The Mariana Trench Shown To Unsettling Scale

March 17th, 2010 § 100 Comments

The Mariana trench is the deepest known part of the ocean at over 11,000 metres. The graphic below shows just how scarily deep that is! Amazingly, a manned descent was actually achieved in 1960, using the steampunk-sounding Bathyscaphe Trieste


§ 100 Responses to The Mariana Trench Shown To Unsettling Scale

  • Gladys says:

    my dad told me he used to dive down that far while holding his breath. He showed me many rocks he fetched up.

  • The sea - our 2nd last bastion of says:

    The ocean(s) is/are the 2nd last bastion of hope next to space – this scale (If accurate) is awesome!

  • Delf says:

    I bet that there are alien cities in the sea, that is why ufo go directly to the seas.

  • Jon says:

    Imagine having an orgy with Ava Devine and Vicky Vette at the bottom of that! Crazy!

  • Gladys says:

    Jon, imagine your rotting corpse slowly floating down with all the fish nibbling bits of your decomposing flesh. You would be a skelly when you hit the bottom

  • Renny says:

    Sure is a fucking long way down imagine poor old Jon down there having a fucking orgy with a giant octpussyhe would have more tentacles up his ass than he has cocks up his ass at the gay club

  • Jon. says:

    Hi I don’t really like cocks up my ass I prefer them in my mouth !

  • Dan says:

    @Joe: It’s actually i before e except after c, or when sounded as a as in neighbor and weigh… And that’s just a general rule; there are MANY exceptions to it (weird is one of them).

  • Jake says:

    Dan clear off mate, get yerself a girlfriend or summat no one gives a fuck

  • Mawoooo!! says:

    Gotta love when the grammar police come on a comment board wanting to correct people’s mistakes for them. They haven’t gotten the memo that nobody else cares.. lol
    I wonder if the metric vs ft guy marches around doing the goose-step with a big M on his shirt
    Love the visuals. Allows my tiny, 1.5 dimensional brain to wrap around these types of things. Thx to whoever shared this

  • Dan. says:

    Thanks for your comments Jake, I already have a girlfriend and I will show her what you wrote when we settle down tonight to do our stamp album together. And the other day I kissed her on the lips so I know all about the ” sex thing ” so please leave me alone when I try to help people with their spelling.

  • Jake says:

    listen Dan sorry about picking you up on the correction thing , didn’t mean to be nasty. Oh and by the way there’s more to the sex thing than kissing your girl. Let me give you an idea that tube like thing that you piss with, it hangs down between your legs well you take it and rub it til it gets hard then lift your girlfriends dress up and underneath her panties you will find a slit. Now push your cock into that slit and the rest ” cums ” naturally, hope that helps.

  • AB8 says:

    It’s tagged as “creepy”.
    Right on, folks!

  • Desmond says:

    Heres one for you… If only 10% of the ocean has been mapped… how do they know its only 10%? An estimate? Most likely… but how you can you make an estimate like that if you believe only 10% of the ocean is mapped? In reality you have no fucking idea how much ocean there is. Some people on this earth who claim to be smart and have the answers, are truly just fucking idiots.

  • Jackie says:

    Thanks Desmond that’s a good point, you made me laugh there you sexy cunt, I used to have a boy friend called Desmond but I dumped him on account of his tiny willie.

  • melnebone says:

    try typing in “the earth top to bottom”

  • l33roy says:

    and to think of this in comparison to the universe…

  • mscrnt says:

    A perfect place to hide a body

  • Gerard says:

    Fantastic visualization!

  • Brock says:

    Don’t call someone a “fucking idiot” when you know less about what your talking about then they do.

    I’m not sure if 10% is an accurate figure, nor do i care, but it can be very easily measured as such.

    Take a map of the world. Use simple math to figure how much of the earth is covered in water (or use google.) Now take the figure for how much of the ocean has already been mapped. (by the way, “mapping” the ocean really just requires you to map the ocean floor, as everything above it is (believe it or not) water.

    Now do simple math to figure out how much of the ocean floor has been mapped in comparison to how much of the earth is covered by the ocean.

    Some people on this earth who claim to be smart and have the answers, truly do. Try listening to them sometime.

  • peter says:


  • Logan Durgen says:

    You make me sick… This whole thing is disgusting!

  • Logan Durgen says:

    wait? Oh crap. Where he hell am I? One second i’m seeing a picture of a girl taking it from a bottlenose dolphin and the next i’m here? This internet is weird.

  • Jean Claude VanDamme says:

    Ese wey es puto le va al America!

  • Bill says:

    Anything that is compressible by these pressures will be … but we could still trash the place. And, if we don’t actually trigger the 6th great extinction event, we probably will.

    I’m betting on the extinction getting here first, though.

  • Stefan says:

    A great visualisation. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chakey says:

    I zoomed my browser out all the way, and I still couldn’t fit it all on the screen (but it does help even more to give a good idea on how deep it is – great job!)

  • Smart Aleck says:

    Apparently, at the bottom of the ocean lies a box ad and a bunch of comments.

  • Ryan says:

    anybody notice the difference in scale of the 6ft human and the 350ft mark?

  • Beautiful comparison. and I also had the same observation as that by Ryan.

  • kmrivera says:

    And this is why I’m afraid of the ocean!!!

  • i read yesterday the pacific ocean covers 63,800,000 sq. miles surface

  • Robert says:

    I’m pretty sure you forgot Cthulhu.

  • Josh says:

    If you can’t convert feet or psi then you shouldn’t be allowed to use a pc. Go crawl back under a rock and stay there.

  • Dj Kruxorus says:

    I’m pretty sure… Now, I’m just spitballin’ here… That no matter how hard we try, the bottom of the Marianas Trench will not be “truly” discovered any time soon. /next 30-50 years/ Of course, this is only an opinion/estimate, and probably not anywhere close to accurate.

  • Renato says:

    Wow, I’m very impressed, I can’t even imagine how did somebody went that deep or how do they know all that…

  • Tom Thumb says:

    Does anybody know whether or not the yellow submarine has been to theses tremendous depths? Or flipper?

  • stanley says:
    such a good understanding of everything about malaria

  • Jeff says:

    Hey Mitch, R.J. Anderson, and Joe: Chill, man!! It’s really no big deal how you spell something as long as you convey your meaning. It is “i” before “e”, except after “c”, or when sounded like “a” as in neighbor and weigh, and it is NOT a hard and steadfast rule; however, it applies to the majority of cases. It is only a general purpose rule that applies in most cases because there are exceptions to this rule. Now, as far as the bottom of the ocean goes: been there, done that. Who wants to go there again!

  • Iain Mallory says:

    Exploring the Marianas Trench has to be the ultimate ‘trip’ on this Planet

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  • john mason says:

    fantastic pictures

  • George says:

    Not to harp on the imperial vs. metric system in the US, but technically the metric standards are the standards for measurement. Mendenhall Order; Google it.

  • Bob says:

    The blue whale may be the most impressive creature alive today but the cuviers beaked whale has been known to dive to over 6000 ft!!!!

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  • [...] fashion. * Maybe I should have put this with the Halloween links: Check out the Mariana Trench, shown to unsettling scale. * Did you know America has a National Jukebox? Sure – any music that is now in the public [...]

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