April Astro Roundup

April 13th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

Hooray for space stuff! Here are my latest cool space stories:

Space Shuttle Discovery has been retired, and here are some pretty cool pictures of technicians taking it apart for cleaning. It basically looks like it’s made from tinfoil 😀

Hers is a NASA video commemorating the space shuttle, narrated by William Shatner:

Apostolos Christou and David Asher have discovered a pretty neat Asteroid called SO16 that has a similar orbit to the earth. Most asteroids have unstable orbits, but this one is following us around and could stay on the same path for a million years.

An article on the BBC talks about a red giant, seen by the Kepler telescope, that doesn’t emit sound waves like stars usually do. This isn’t what interested me though – what did is that in 2001 the BBC reported on the first sound waves to be measured from a star other than our sun. That’s just ten years ago yet now it’s mentioned off-hand like it’s nothing special at all 🙂

Chandra Wickramasinghe is talking at York Astro society this Friday about the antiquity of cosmic life. More info is on the York Astro events page.

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