Neighbours United Ask Members To Help

August 12th, 2008 § Leave a Comment

I previously talked about a couple of flaws with Neighbours United; namely, not being able to see your neighbours, and the fact that membership hadn’t reached a high enough level to make it interesting. Well, the site managers have sent out a message through their Facebook group asking current members to invite all their friends to join the website.

This could be a great way to spread the word about the site – although it relies on people having a Facebook account and I imagine the majority of Neighbours United’s demographic don’t. I think Harrogate’s top of the list when it comes to “older” people joining Facebook however – maybe because of the number of internet entrepreneurs who live here (really, there are loads!).

I’d love to help out but to be honest I know about ten people in Harrogate. I’ve only lived here six months and my social life still revolves around Leeds and the tiny little village where I grew up!

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