Neighbours United – Bringing Harrogate Together

July 22nd, 2008 § 4 Comments

My company 9xb recently launched Neighbours United, a local social networking site for the Harrogate area. The idea is you register your address and can see who lives in your street. You can send them messages or write on the message boards for all of Harrogate to see.

It’s a great idea – message boards are categorised by area and subject so you can start a conversation about the best restaurants, or the worst builders. There’s only one flaw that I can see, and that’s in the privacy settings.

Unless you go to the message boards, you can only see neighbours on your street. If none of your neighbours have joined it’s a very lonely place! I understand the need for privacy, but the point of the website is to bring a community together – more access to that community would make Neighbours United not only more interesting but more effective too.


§ 4 Responses to Neighbours United – Bringing Harrogate Together

  • I agree with the comment regarding only being able to view the people on your street, on my street in particular nobody has registered so it makes the website pointless from my perspective. I hope over time my neighbours will register so I can get to know them…

    P.S. I live in Harrogate BTW

  • Jim Sefton says:

    Interesting site but I agree it is missing an opportunity there. I registered, logged on, realised that there wasn’t really anyone else there so logged off again. I doubt I will us it again, and that’s a shame as it seems to be a nice site that is missing an opportunity.

    If it networked everyone in Harrogate then this could really take off, but as it is I think it will struggle.

  • B Schwartz says:

    Not much point uniting Harrogate. Giving the demographic most of the population will soon be able to reunite via seances very soon. Let’s be honest it’s the land of the living dead.
    Website aims too low and lacks imagination. Besides, do you really want to encourage nosey neighbourism…Get real. We all have friends and for most of us our neighbours are unchosen, like our relatives.

  • Andy Lamb says:

    Thanks for your comments. I am one of the original neighbours. The site is developing each month and now has a fairly large membership. We know that it is important to have coverage and in the streets where there are more users then things are starting to work properly.

    We have just started piloting a Safer Neighbourhood board with Harrogate Police to see if people are interested in knowing about what is going on in their area. Also, for the people that do not have many virtual nighbours then the neighbourhub allows you to be neighbourly with people across the town. We intend to keep on evolving the site….so any feedback is useful….

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