Toffs and Toughs

March 24th, 2010 § 4 Comments

I’d really like to post this image on but since it’s a Getty image I’m not sure I can. I’ve heard horror stories about people using Getty Images and being charged after the fact. SO – let me summarise the story behind the image, and then link to it for you to see.

In 1937, the London News Chronicle published a picture that’s since become an embodiment of the English class struggle. The image shows five young boys standing outside Lord’s cricket ground – two dressed in top hats and tails, with their backs turned on three obviously working class boys. The headline accompanying the image said “Every Picture Tells a Story” – alluding to the huge disparity between rich and poor.

All isn’t quite as it seems however, as this article in the Guardian explores.

The image is really striking and I would have loved to post it here – it’s one of those rare pictures that gives you a gut reaction the first time you see it. I’ve just looked on Getty however, and it’s 39 to use for 3 months on the web…so I think I’ll give that a miss!

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